This picture is of a stray cat that’s been living on my patio for the past week and a half or so. S/he just suddenly appeared and looked awful. S/he has a bite on his or her neck and walks with a limp and has a sore on his or her mouth and has the sweetest disposition. S/he will walk up to just anyone and rub on their leg to be petted and purrs loudly when s/he get attention. S/he has obviously been someone’s pet at some point. It looks like the cat was injured pretty badly by another cat or possibly a dog. And for over a week no one has been looking for this cat or looking after it. The frist day s/he showed up I got a bowl of cat food and set it out on the back patio. S/he just dove into the food and ate like s/he hadn’t eaten in weeks… which I suppose is possible. S/he was dirty with hair matted that first day. I brought the cat into the house to have a bath and s/he behaved very well. And after the bath I had the cat wrapped in a towel drying it and it climbed down from my lap and walked to the back door and meowed at me while looking at the door… as though he or she knows all about coming in and out of doors. Just another clue that this cat has been a pet at some point.

Yesterday I walked into the front hallway of the apartment building to hear two female neighbors talking. I heard something about “someone is feeding it” and something about “I don’t know who it belongs to.” I asked if they were speaking about the stray cat and they said yes. One of the female neighbors started saying in an almost hostile tone of voice that she hoped the cat didn’t come into the front hallway because she is allergic to cats and scared of them and she wished I wouldn’t feed it. Now, for any of you who know me at all, you know the chances of me not feeding this cat are about the same as me walking on the moon… it just isn’t going to happen. This cat has already been let down and abandoned by some person. I’m not about to do the same thing. I politely told the woman the cat doesn’t deserve to be abandoned and as long as s/he hangs around I am going to feed it.

As an aside, the cat seems to be getting healthier and looking better every day. S/he doesn’t seem to be ill at all, just injured. I’ve been petting him or her and around this cat for over a week now without my indoor cat, Sylvester, becoming ill. I’ve spoken to Sylvester’s vet about this and she agreed Sylvester would be ill by now if this stray cat had any disease… it’s most likely that the poor thing is just injured. But I’ve been putting antibiotic ointment to the bite and the mouth sore is healing and his or her coat is looking much healthier.