Today’s been one of those days all I do is wait… and wait… and wait some more. I guess it’s more tests of my patience, of which I have very little. :)

First of all, I’ve been waiting for the stray cat (more about him or her in a previous post) to show back up. I’ve not seen him or her for 2 full days now, since I came home from work on Wednesday morning. And the food bowl on the back patio doesn’t seem to have been touched. I hope that someone took pity on the poor thing and let him or her live in their house. Or maybe s/he found someone who will feed him or her a brand of cat food they like better… Or maybe s/he had healed enough from their injuries they were feeling up to finding their real home. I guess all I can do is leave the food out and watch for the cat. I just hope s/he is being taken care of.

And the other thing I’ve been waiting for is a call offering me the job I interviewed for on Wednesday morning. No call yet. But the nurse recruiter warned me his secretary was out of the office and he would be making the phone calls to check references himself which may slow the process down. And there’s the time difference… Each of the references he’s checking are on the west coast, a three hour time difference away. So I’m sure that’s going to slow the process down, as well. And really, the interview was just two days ago. This is simply me being impatient… lol. I had just been hoping to head into my last two and a half shifts at the hospital I’m currently at having that official job offer out of the way. Oh well. I’ll be so busy working the next three nights (four hours tonight and 12 hours the next two nights) that I won’t have time to worry about it.