Just some silly comments today about cats… Yes, I know my sister is going to laugh at me. Anway, my cat, Sylvester, apparently doesn’t think I should wear earrings. He frequently will come cuddle on my shoulder only to reach up and grab one of my earrings in his mouth and pull it out. Now, luckily 99% of the time what I’m wearing are just my diamond studs or pearl studs, so they come right out and don’t rip my earlobe. But he really does need to understand it’s all right if I wear earrings! And another quick note… some of you may have read my previous post about the stray cat I’ve been feeding on my patio. I did see him this afternoon for the first time in two days. He was across the parking lot being petted by another neighbor, looking happy and well. The neighbor who was petting him said she has seen him in the past few days and apparently someone on the other side of the apartment building has also been feeding him. And she said she was considering taking him to the humane society so he could have an indoor home. I am a little concerned that with his injuries no one will want to adopt him and he’ll be euthanized. But hopefully before that happens someone will see what an affectionate and sweet cat s/he is and give him or her a home. This may be my last post until sometime Monday as I’m headed into my last two shifts at my current job and will be working 12 hours a day the next two days. But I will return with hopefully more interesting comments to make.