Okay, okay, this is the last post about the stray cat. Just an update, actually. S/he has been taken by one of my neighbors to the local humane society so s/he could get some medical attention for his or her injuries. This neighbor left a note of the door to the entryway of the apartment building this morning.

Two other neighbors added notes on the bottom of this note saying they were glad to know this information, they’d also been caring for the cat the past few days. It made me feel good to know there are other people who care and were willing to help care for this abandoned animal.

As for the rest of things in my little world, I’m just trying now to get used to sleeping at night again since I’m off work for a while. For eight years now I’ve worked night shift and gotten so used to being awake overnight that it’s always difficult for me at first when I have to switch to a day shift schedule for any length of time. So it may take me another day or two to get over the sleep deprivation and get back to my witty self… lol