Something my sister wrote in her blog (which can be seen here ) got me thinking. She commented on how well we know each other and how we can push each other’s buttons like no one else can. I’ve long said no one can make me angry the way my sister can. No one can push my buttons the way she can. And she’s said the same about me. It makes sense that we can push each other’s buttons like no one else in our lives can. After all, we were there with each other when those buttons came to be. We know the whole history behind those buttons and triggers, each of us. We share a lifelong history, along with our brother, that we could never share with anyone else. We understand each other, the good and the bad, completely. It actually is a little scary sometimes how well she knows me. But not surprising. We share a history that led each of us to be the women we are today.

And on the employment front, I got a phone call today that I think is good news. It was from the nurse recruiter at the hospital I very much want to be employed at. It seems there is now a “holding pattern,” he called it, in place. No new positions are being filled. But it seems the position I applied and interviewed for was actually created to be able to get me to the hospital, as he put it was created for me. The director of nursing approved the creation of that position. And that same director of nursing can now approve my being hired despite the holding pattern. The nurse recruiter said that my references were very positive and they’re ready to make me an offer of employment as soon as they get the approval from the director of nursing. A meeting is going to take place with the nurse manager I will be working under and the director of nursing on Friday and I will hear soon after that meeting. The nurse recruiter said he is “very confident” that approval will be given. So I took that as a good sign. And I’m happy just to have heard some word.