So, the nurse recruiter did call me late this afternoon. And the bottom line is I still don’t know if I have a job there or not. He said the team of senior management that need to release the position to be filled only decided to meet again Tuesday. I guess that means it wasn’t a flat out no. I’m very much frustrated and anxious and worried. And kicking myself a lot right now for having quit my job before I had another one for sure. But like I told my mom earlier, staying would have made me just as miserable as I am now so there was no good decision. And what’s done is done. I feel slightly better since I cuddled with my cat, vented to my mom, and went out for a “comfort food” dinner (a waffle breakfast at a nearby waffle house.) I’m sending out two more cover letters and resumes tomorrow just to be be on the safe side. It’s going to be a very stressful next four days and I’m afraid I may not be posting much. Be assured I am fine, and will return as soon as I have something interesting to say. In the meantime, be well.