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Really, she does. Well, not anymore, but she used to lie to me shamelessly when we were children. Then she would say it was my own fault because she only did it because I was so gullible I would believe anything she told me. And the truth is, she was right. I was awfully gullible.

She once told me I was adopted. She even showed me a picture of myself as a newborn in a carrier seat on the front porch of our house and told me mom and dad found me there. (Poor scan of picture seen above.) Now, as an adult I realize how ridiculous this is. I am so very much my mother’s daughter it’s almost scary sometimes. And if you put all of the women on mom’s side of the family together the family resemblance is so strong that strangers notice it. Cindra and I have always had the exact same nose and always looked a lot alike as children. In fact, I would be a rich woman if I had a nickel for every time during our school years I had someone say to me “You must be Cindra’s little sister.” So the thought that I’m adopted is pretty funny, actually. But I believed it at the time. My big sister was telling me this, so it must be true. Well, not so much. Mom laughed about me believing that and explained I was only on the front porch in my carrier seat to get some sun and assured me I am most certainly not adopted. By the way, I have actually seen my official birth certificate issued by the state of Idaho and I am indeed very much my parent’s biological daughter.

When I was about five she lied and told me the Easter bunny lived at the top of a small sand dune near our house. She told me that so I would try and try to climb up that sand dune to see him. And keep falling and falling right back down because, well, sand is hard to climb. (Later I learned there was a trail around the other side of the dune that went right to the top.) It never dawned on me to ask why the Easter bunny would live on top of a sand dune. Why would I question my very wise older sister?

There was also the time Cindra told me she was dying. I forget exactly what she was supposedly dying of. Something strange and exotic, I think it was. And, again, I believed her! For some unkown reason I asked her if I could have her eyeglasses after she died. Something to do with the fact I thought they made her look smart (which she always has been) and I wanted to look as smart as my big sister.

It wasn’t that my sister was being malicious. She simply thought it was great sport to see what outrageous lies she could get me to believe. I’m still pretty gullible, I suppose, but she’s stopped teasing me about it quite so much.

It has come to my attention that apparently the picture above is not of me but of Cindra. It somehow got placed in my baby book by error. I find this pretty funny. And I have corrected the spelling of the word dying, for those who saw the post before I corrected it.