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The past few days have been pretty productive for me. Yesterday I cleaned out a storage closet I have off the laundry room that right now has mostly luggage, camping gear, and Christmas things stored in there. When I moved here and the moving truck was in a fire I unpacked things pretty hastily since I was working full time at the time, too. I set the boxes in the storage closet without really sorting through them to see what was left after the fire. Surprisingly, most of my Christmas ornaments were fine and just a few camping things were gone. So the boxes got unloaded and sorted and things packed neatly in plastic storage bins.

Then today I went out on my patio and swept it off. And cleaned the grill and brought it inside to store it. And I also cleaned the table and folded it up and brought it in to store it. So the patio is ready for winter.

After the patio was completed, I felt like some relaxation and wanted to enjoy the lovely fall day so I went to a hiking trail about 10 miles from my house I’ve been wanting to go see. It is beautiful, as you can see in the photo above. It was very green and quiet and peaceful. And yes, mom, I did have pepper spray with me and it was broad daylight. (I knew you were going to ask.) So I had a very nice hour long hike. And that’s what I’ve been doing with my day. How ’bout all of you?