Today was another lovely sunny fall day with temperatures in the high 60’s and nary a cloud in the sky. I decided it was high time I make it to the local zoo to explore some more of my new corner of the world. It’s actually only a 10 minute drive from my house and I feel badly that I haven’t made it there yet. So today was the day. As far as zoos go, it’s on the small side. But I spoke with several staff as I was wandering around looking at the different animals and it was quickly apparent they all take caring for these animals very seriously and love the animals. The animals all seemed friendly and comfortable in their environment. I had a great time being out in a beautiful setting in the fresh air seeing interesting and beautiful animals. And watching the small children with their parents as their eyes lit up when they saw an animal they’d probably never seen before! That was a joy. I had my camera out, my “real” film camera, and had a blast taking pictures of the animals. Some of them seemed to pose for me and others seemed to ignore me. I just wanted to share some of these pictures. I hope you enjoy!