I have recently quit a job I was at for only six months. I know that’s not very long to stay at a job. I didn’t make the decision to leave lightly. But I truly felt I had to leave. It was becoming an unhealthy situation for me. Staffing was beyond horrible and far into the realm of unsafe. This medical facility is for-profit and run very much as a money making business, as opposed to not-for-profit run hospitals. The money was never in the budget to pay for enough staff to care for the patients safely. I felt strongly that it was only a matter of time until something unfortunate happens to a patient because of the staff not being able to monitor them adequately and the hospital will be sued. I chose not to stick around to have my nursing license drug into that when it does happen. I did, of course, make efforts to improve the situation before I just left. And I ran out of options.

Now, the lesson I learned here was that it is important to follow your convictions and stand up for what you believe. Sure, I could have found some way to stay there and stick it out being miserable every day but knowing I was employed. And I would have spent every day compromising myself both professionally and personally. I was not able to give the quality of nursing care I know I am capable of in that environment. I thankfully had the support of my family and friends who all stood behind my decision to quit that job even before I had another job to go to. They knew what I was doing was for the right reasons.

After much prayer and stress and worry, I did get a new job at a not-for-profit hospital. I felt as I walked out of the interview that day that it was the job I was supposed to have. And it turned out that feeling was right. It did work out just the way it was supposed to. In the words of my Aunt Quilly, “God is great”.

Another lesson I learned is that I don’t particularly ever want to work at a for-profit hospital again. I know one should never say never, but it was a real eye opener how different working conditions are.

I did learn from the experience. And that makes the six months I spent at a job I was miserable at not wasted time at all. Any time you can learn something from an experience, no matter how hard of a lesson it is to learn, the time was not wasted.