Happiness is… finding a steal of deal when you’re out shopping! Let me explain: I was shopping yesterday at a store that sells surplus and discontinued inventory from departments stores at discount prices. I love this store! I happened to find a great nice neutral tan colored blazer that fit perfectly. It’s a well known brand name and the tag on it said the manufacturer suggested retail price was $109. It was originally selling in this discount store for $24.99. Then marked to clearance for $12. And there was a sale going on where all clearance items were 50% off. So it ended up costing me only $6! What an awesome find.

And now for a serious piece…

A few years ago I was at work on night shift taking care of a patient who was actively dying. She had been admitted to the hospital for us to keep her from being in pain. She had no family except for a sister in Belgium. That sister and her husband had arrived from Belgium just that day and were at her bedside as I cared for her that night. Neither of them spoke English and I don’t speak French, so we communicated through sign language and body language as well as we could.

At one point towards the middle of the shift in the wee hours of the morning the patient’s sister came to get me. She motioned for me to come into the room and communicated to me that she thought her sister was towards her last moments. I entered the room, took the patient’s hand in mind as her sister stood across the bed from me holding her other hand, and within a few moments with both of us holding her hands, the patient did take her final breath.

A while later as phone calls were being made and paperwork was being filled out we did find another employee in the hospital who spoke fluent French who came to translate for us. With the help of this translator the patient’s sister said to me “Thank you. You didn’t leave her.” As she looked at me with tears in her eyes we hugged and I had tears in my eyes, as well. It was an emotional moment.

To me, that moment has always been an example of how we don’t always see our actions the same way others see them. This woman was thanking for me for doing something I hadn’t thought was all that special. I didn’t leave the room of a dying patient? That was her first thought when thanking me for doing my job? Well, of course I didn’t leave. The patient and her family needed me to be there. What was going on those few moments was precious and special and more important that any thing else I might need to do that entire shift. I truly didn’t see my actions as being anything special. It was just the right thing to do. But the patient’s sister did think it was something to be commented on and thankful for. I was the one who was honored to be a part of such a very sacred event in a person’s life.