Change isn’t always a negative thing. Some change can be good, positive. But that doesn’t make it any easier or less frightening. Over the past decade I’ve seemed to make a large change in my life every few years. None of them have been easy changes, all have been stressful, and all have been positive in the long run.

Just less than ten years ago I became a homeowner, got engaged, turned 30, graduated from college, started my first nursing job, and got married all in the space of five months. That started the cycle of change.

Two years into my first my first nursing job I felt it was time for a change professionally. I was working in pediatric home care and working with the same children night after night in their homes. While I loved the work and loved the kids, I felt like I was boxing myself in and needed more varied experiences. So I stretched my wings a bit and pushed back the fear that was almost choking me and made the move to a busy floor at a local hospital. It was indeed a great place to gain experience and I learned most of the skills I use at work daily now from that experience.

About a year after that I needed to make a difficult change personally and divorced my husband. I felt like a failure for a while and got depressed for a while and then was eventually able to move on and see that we both were happier in the end.

Moving on in my case meant moving 500 miles away from where I had lived for the better part of 20 years. This was a change personally and professionally as it meant making a new network of friends and also starting a new job. But I was living near my sister and her family, so that was a strong positive to the situation.

Then after about two years there it was time for another move which brought me 2600 miles away from my family. To say I was stretching my wings a bit is an understatement. But I proved something to myself with this move. I proved to myself I could pack up and drive myself across the country alone and start a new chapter of my life.

Each of these changes was scary. And each of them made me leave my comfort zone. Sure, in each case I could have stayed where I was and remained just “comfortable”. Or I could do what I did and take the more difficult road that did end up being the right one for me at the time in each case.

I guess the point I am leading to with this rambling is that change isn’t always easy… and the right thing to do is rarely the easiest. In fact, it’s usually the hardest. I don’t know right now what change will be next on the horizon. Well, I’m beginning a new job next Friday, but after that… I have no idea. I just know I will be prepared for it to be a little uncomfortable, a little difficult, and a little scary.