First, I finally got around to remembering to post the correct answer to the medical terminology challenge. The correct word was “micturate.” It is just a synonym for urinate. There was only one correct answer and it was from my mom. Way to go mom… but I realized after you answered it I knew you knew the answer… lol

Now, for the list of 7 songs… (got tagged by Cindra…)
1. My favorite hymn – Amazing Grace
2. My favorite piece of classical music – Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker ballet
3. My favorite contemporary country music song – Findin’ a Good Man by Danielle Peck
4. My favorite classis country music song – Harper Valley PTA by Jeannie C. Riley
5. My favorite song to ask my sister to sing to me when we were kids – Actually a tie between Da Do Ron Ron (the Shaun Cassidy version) and Let me be There by Olivia Newton John
6. My favorite song for my mom to sing to me – Happy Birthday, of course! lol
7. Favorite TV theme song I know all the lyrics to – The Brady Bunch (And don’t laugh too much, Cindra, ’cause I happen to know you remember all the lyrics to it, too.)