I’m still working on designing what will be a fun challenge… So here’s a new variation to try. I’m going to type a sentence having to do with medical terminology and there will be blanks in the sentence. Your mission, should you accept it, is to fill in the blanks with the funniest, most off the wall things you can think of. Please post your submissions in the comment section and if there are enough takers in a few days I’ll post a poll letting you vote for the funniest one. Sounds like a plan? So here we go… If a patient is alert and is oriented only to two things and not completely oriented to three (person, place, and time) I might chart “Patient a&o x2, to (blank) and (blank).”

And now for the 5×5 my auntie tagged me to do…

Five Minutes to yourself. How would you spend them ideally?
1. On the phone probably with family
2. Reading
3. Petting my brat-cat, Sylvester
4. Being thankful I’m not at work :)
5. Reading any one of my family member’s or friend’s blogs

Five Dollars to spend right now. How or where would you spend it?
1. Handel’s raspberry truffle ice cream cone (Can you say YUM?)
2. Book
3. Some great thrift store treasure
4. Another book
5. A new calendar to write down the birthdays of all my nieces and nephews

Five Items in your house you could part with right now?
1. The wilted lettuce in the refrigerator
2. The ugly floral print pants in my closet that I’m not sure why I ever bought and not sure why I haven’t gotten rid of them yet
3. The stack of old read newspapers I haven’t gotten around to discarding yet
4. The candles on the kitchen table (need to replace them)
5. The throw pillows on my sofa that always just seem to be in the way

Five Items in your house you absolutely, positively could never part with?
1. Sylvester the cat
2. My cell phone
3. My computer (until it needs to be replaced)
4. The new super soft and cozy robe I got at Old Navy this morning
5. My photographs

Five Words (or phrases) you love?
1. I love you
2. Loveyoubye (that’s how Cindra and I end phone conversations)
3. Hi Brookie (that’s how mom answers the phone when she sees it’s me calling)
4. God is great
5. It’s on sale