My auntie asked if my new job has me too exhausted to type. Actually, it’s been a great week but I have been really exhausted in the evenings. Having taken a four week hiatus from work, my first whole week back has worn me out.

But I am really liking my new job! The first four days of this week were spent in classes and kind of on the boring side. It was all information that the regulating body that accredits hospitals requires new employees to be given and there’s just not an easy way to make it interesting. But today was my first day on the floor actually caring for patients. I left work smiling and in a good mood. :) And not because it was an easy day… it was actually a pretty fast paced and busy day but I enjoyed it. The staff I was working with were all very friendly and truly cared about their patients. And every employee I’ve talked to from all the various departments of the hospital all seem to truly like their jobs. I’m quickly becoming convinced more and more I made the right choice.

And I learned something today. Teaching apparently runs in the family. As most of you know, one of my favorite aunties is a 5th grade teacher. There have also been several other teachers in the family. Teaching does seem to come naturally to me when I’m talking to my patients. I’ve always felt that but someone else noticed that today. The nurse I was working with and I discharged a patient together today. As we were talking to him about two new medications he was being sent home on she had me do the teaching about the medications, side effects, what they’re for, things like that. She said I was good at it. In one day of working together she noticed that. I warned her early in the day that I am incapable of being asked a question by a patient and not answering it, so if I started answering a patient’s question that she wanted to answer herself to just tell me to shut up. She laughed and said that was fine. I love it when patients ask me questions about their medications or treatments or diseases. I love to teach them.

I think that’s all the rambling for now. I ordered some lovely, delicious smelling hand made soaps from Serra and they arrived today. I can’t wait to go take a nice long bubble bath and use my new soap! :)