So, I just finished my second week of orientation at my new job. While I still like it very much and am happy with my choice, I have to say that I am not a morning person and this getting up at 5am is killing me! I come home from work and I’m so tired all I want to do is eat something and get to sleep. (It doesn’t help that I work 12 hour shifts.) But I only have to do that for one more week, then I get back to a night shift schedule. As odd as it sounds to you morning people, I actually have more energy when I’m working nights. So I’ll have more energy to tell you funny stories… or bore you with drivel… lol

My cat and I have a new game we play. If I’m taking a bubble bath he comes and sits on the edge of the tub. I lift a handful of bubbles and let them drop off of my hand and he bats at them and knocks them off my hand. Silly, I know, but we enjoy it.

Speaking of cats (as I often do), that reminds me to share with you all something I heard recently. My neighbor across the hall is an older gentleman, in his 70s, at least. A very nice man. When I first moved in here about seven months ago I noticed a beautiful white cat often sitting in his window. Then a few months ago the cat seemed to just vanish. A few weeks ago my Sylvester ran out into the front hallway as this man was leaving his apartment and he petted Sylvester and told me what happened to his cat. Apparently a few months ago his apartment was broken into and he didn’t say if they peron/s who broke in took the cat or left the front door open and the cat got out and got lost, but when he came home after the break in, his cat was gone. He’d had the cat for 15 years, he told me. That just seemed so sad to me.

I think that’s about enough rambling for now. I’ll write more soon…