I don’t consider myself a particularly political person. But as a nurse and a woman there are certain political issues I consider important to me. Health care and abortion are two that come to mind right away. And I definitely feel I’m more inclined to agree with Democratic party’s stances on those issue than the Republican party’s. So like many others I know, I am pleased today with the results of yesterday’s elections through out our country. (And yes, I did indeed vote.) The Democrats taking control of both Senate and House plus Mr. Rumsfeld’s ousting today all do make me hopeful there is a wind of change in the air bringing positive steps towards peace.

And about the getting settled in my new apartment… it’s still going slowly. Got a bit done today. All of the big stuff is put away and most of the boxes left to unpack are books that go on the bookcase or CDs to go in the entertainment center. Just small stuff. So it’s going well and I’ll be back to posting (and visiting your blogs) regularly soon now.