It occurred to me today that I am truly blessed. I am in relatively good health. (Could stand to be in better physical shape but no real chronic health issues.) I have a family that as hilarious an odd as they can be at times truly love and admire and respect each other. I have a new apartment that the cat and I are getting settled into that I really like. The brighter, sunnier environment is just great. I have a job I’m still really liking very much and a career I wouldn’t trade for anything. I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else for a career. I have someone special in my life to share the ups and downs with and he recently showed me just how much I really can count on him to be there when I need him when he helped me get moved. What else does a girl need? I just feel really blessed and at peace. I just feel like I’m at a really good place in my life right now. So I just thought I’d share that thought.