I am so angry with my kitten right now! I know this sounds silly, but I came home from work this morning to the Christmas tree being knocked over, ornaments (some whole, some broken) spread all over the living room, and the tree broken! I went to stand it back up to start cleaning the mess and it won’t stand up. When he knocked it over it snapped the top section of the tree in half. So I’m not sure what to do at the point… I’ve tried yelling no at him and squirting him when he starts playing with the tree. I could put up a real, live tree and see if it’s heavy enough he can’t knock it over. (Or worry it’ll just make even more of a mess when he does knock it over.) I could put him in my bedroom with his litter box, food, and water any time I’m not at home and awake to watch him. But I work 12 hour shifts, meaning I’m gone from home at least 13 hours, and I don’t think that’s a good decision. So for the moment I’m going with the only feasible option I can see, which is to have no tree. :( I know it’s ridiculous to give a pet so much control, but I just don’t know what else to do. Take care, all.