I really am a member of my family… As if there was ever any doubt. Three other women in the family have written posts or comments on their blogs about complete strangers wanting to talk to them. My aunt Quilly, my mom, and my big sister. Well, tonight I was at a store just idly wandering up and down aisles minding my own business and this woman, I’d guess in her 60s, starts wanting to talk to me about this jacket she’s trying on. I politely told her yes, it was pretty and yes, it fit well and went on my way as soon as I could. Then several minutes later on my way out of the store the same woman wants to tell me that she decided not to buy the jacket because if she waits until just after Christmas it will hopefully be on sale. And wants to talk about this at length. I politely told her that was a good idea and wished her luck with that and left. But why exactly did she choose me to speak to? Aunt Quilly said it was because we (the women in the family) make eye contact with strangers and that’s why they speak to us. I suppose that’s as good a theory as any I can come up with. It was just kind of funny to me to find yet another trait the women in the family share. That list just keeps getting longer and longer.