I was thinking today about overreacting to things.  And to holding emotions in and not expressing them.   Both can cause all sorts of problems and damage relationships.  Neither are healthy ways of dealing with emotions.  But many people don’t learn healthy ways of expressing emotions during their childhood, which is when they should.  Some are able to learn them later as adults.  And some people never do learn healthy ways to express themselves.  Being very stoic and bottling emotions in causes ulcers, all kinds of undue stress, and isn’t an honest way of dealing with feelings.  Overreacting to things and reacting over dramatically to feelings isn’t healthy, either.  It’s draining on those around you, and it can lead to all sorts of things being said in the heat of the moment that you may later regret having said.  As with many things, I guess moderation is the key.  Learning how to react to things in a healthy, reasonable way.  Learning how to express your emotions in a rational, honest way.  Easier said than done, of course.