Sylvester the cat and I really do like the new apartment we moved into in early November.  It’s bright, clean, in a great location, good sized, quiet, and the apartment managers have acted promptly both times I’ve had to call them for problems in my apartment.  (See my previous post.)  But… there is just one thing I don’t like.  There are approximately 120 apartments in the complex.  And the last I heard just a few weeks ago, 95% of those apartments are occupied right now.  So at a very low estimate that’s at least 125 or so people, right?  (Adding in the fact at least some of those apartments have more than 1 person living in them.)  There is only one… yes, one… laundry room for all of these people.  In that laundry room are six washers and eight dryers.  Out of those three of the washers work and two of the dryers.  All of the rest are out of order and have been as long as I’ve lived here… going on almost three months now.  There are out of order signs on them so I think I can safely assume that the apartment mangers are aware of the problem.  As prompt as they are about other things, they aren’s so prompt at fixing these.   Not a big issue, of course, just a minor inconvenience to have to lug my laundry to the car then drive a few miles to the laundromat to do it.  But at least the laundromat is fairly close by, clean, well lit, cheap, and open 24 hours a day.