This story I’m about to tell is very funny from an adult’s point of view.  I can laugh at it now and how silly it was.  But let me tell you, at the time my face was very red and I was humiliated.  There are some details in this story my sister may want to elaborate on or correct… Feel free to do that, sis, since the story involves you, too.

Cindra and I shared a bedroom at the time and had this great set of bunk beds.  They had a metal bar just below the top bunk that we would hold onto and do flips off the top bunk… at least until dad yelled at us to stop it before one of us broke our head open, or however he worded it.  But I digress…

I think Cindra was about 12 or 13 so I would have been about 9 or 10.  (This is one of those details she may wish to correct.)  We were lieing in our beds, her on the top bunk and me on the bottom.  It was a fairly balmy fall evening in very early September, the night before we were to start the new school year.  We had the window to our bedroom open to let the fresh air in (we’re both outdoors kinda girls and always have been) and we were up what felt like very late but was in reality probably only 10 pm or so talking about the promise of the new school year.  We were talking quite seriously and deeply about first kisses and crushes and boys and first bras…  all kinds of very personal things.  By today’s standards it was all very innocent stuff, but still private and personal.  Little did we know at the moment but were soon to find out our neighbor B. and his cousin J. were sitting on the ground outside our bedroom window listening to every single word!  They were near us in age and we hung out with them riding dirt bikes and things often.  But being typical boys, they couldn’t resist the chance to embarrass us.

The next morning we left the house and ran across the street to the bus stop to get on the bus to school.  There were at least 6, maybe 8 or 10 kids from our neighborhood there waiting for the bus and B. and J. started mimicking Cindra and I and repeating verbatim our conversation from the night before!  We were both humiliated and our faces were red.  It was all very traumatic, as you can tell since I still remember it almost 30 years later!