I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve last posted.  No particular reason for it being so long, just a touch of the mid winter blahs.  Not much exciting going on in my world.  In the past day we’ve had about two feet of snow dumped on us and the roads are horrible.  In fact, just before I left work this morning to make my way slowly and carefully home I heard the nursing supervisor say there had been over 20 people, 27 if I remember correctly, call off work for the day.  They just couldn’t get in to work.  So after I stopped at the grocery store this morning on my way home I have stayed in the nice warm and safe house all day long.  I made a big pot of my mom’s taco soup for dinner and it was a very fitting cold weather meal.  And that’s all the rambling I have to do for now.  Take care, all.