When my sister and I were kids growing up near the beach she used to like to tell me some tall tales.  Admittedly, it was pretty funny some of the silly stuff I would actually believe.  I was really gullible.  Anyway, one year near Easter I was around 5, I think, and she told me that the Easter bunny lived at the top of this sand dune that was only a few blocks from our house.  She thought it was funny to watch me try to climb this slippery sand to get to the top of that dune to see the real live Easter bunny.  I’d get a few feet up the sand and slide back down.  And since I have my mother’s stubborn streak, I remember trying many, many times to climb that sand dune.  I never did see the Easter bunny, but shortly after Easter  I did find out there was a trail to the top of the dune I could have walked up at any time.  I don’t remember if Cindra finally told me about the trail or I discovered it.  Do you rememeber, sis?