“They” say one of the keys to losing weight is to determine what eating habits you need to improve and change, right?  Well, I usually eat dinner around 5:30 pm and leave for work shortly after 6.  I don’t usually get a chance to eat anything more until 1:30 am… some eight hours later.  So by the time I do eat at 1:30 am I’m hungry and just want to run down to the cafeteria and find whatever fatty, fried, unhealthy food choices they have available.  Being an intelligent girl, it took me all of five seconds to figure out this habit needs to change.  The solution to changing turned out to be pretty easy to figure out, too.  I cook just for myself and most recipes make three of four servings, at least.  So obviously, I usually have leftovers.  So it was a pretty easy leap to just carry my lunch to work with me to eat healthier choices.  And to keep from being so hungry when I finally do sit down to eat at 1:3o am, I’ve been carrying healthy snacks like nuts, trail mix, and granola bars in my backpack to work with me.  I can eat those on the go so that when I do eat a real meal at 1:30 am, I’m not as hungry so not eating as much.  And what I am eating is healthier and I have better control over portion sizes.  So this is a new healthy habit I’m working on.  So far I don’t see any down sides to it at all and it’s working out very well.