I recently read a most fabulous post on Gawpo’s blog and had to write my own version.  As you’ll see reading it, it’s one of those anyone can personalize and write their own version.  At the end I will link to the instructions.  Thanks Gawpo and Lime for the post, the inspiration, and the instructions!

I am from sand, the beach, and campbell’s soup.

I am from a long, narrow stretch of land with a creek running along the length of it.  I am from a house on a hill looking over the ocean with large windows all through the living room offering the most amazing view of the sun setting and rising over my beloved beach.

I am from fir trees.  I am from lakes full of bass and trout.

I am from singing Happy Birthday to each other loudly and usually out of key and never forgetting to say I love you often.  I am from Jackie, Cindra, Charlene, and Caryl and Lois and Minnie. 

I am from strong, independent women and lots of noisy conversation.  I am from never hiding your emotions. 

I am from a cold bitter winter with very deep snow the winter after I was born.  I am from being able to ride a horse by the time I could walk. 

I am from my great Grandmother, a devout Lutheran, who insisted mom and dad have my sister and I baptized as babies.  I am from my other great Grandmother who left me with a memory of her always having a bible on her nightstand.  I am from my mother and aunt who taught me that God will do His will in my life if I just allow him to show me what that will is. 

I am from the land of fjords and the land of the Berlin Wall.  I am from lefse and potato krubs and potato candy at Christmas. 

I am from my father and uncle going camping and leaving the food outside during the night and waking to find a bear eating their food and retreating into the tent until the bear finished eating. 

I am from my sister and I learning to fish and getting our first fishing poles on a trip to a family fishing resort in the state of many lakes.  I am from my sister getting a tick in her hair while visiting that resort and the dog getting one in his hair, too.  I am from the dog that my sister and I had growing up who would sleep in the tent with us when we “camped” at the end of the pasture, even when he was wet and smelled horrible. 

I am from photo albums in mom’s attic and in my sister’s house.  I am from the only photo I have ever seen of my dad, mom, sister, and I together.  I am from handprints my sister and brother and I made as children that mom keeps in a box.  I am from a set of wooden Christmas tree ornaments painted together as a family in a warm bright kitchen one winter as a child.  I am from those things that bring back so many happy, sad, and bittersweet memories all at once. 

Instructions to write your own version here.