My sister and I have both made reference in our blogs to the fact we used to fight like cats and dogs… Still do, once in a very great while.  But I got to thinking today about the fact we weren’t always fighting as kids.  There was the summer we ate Top Ramen noodles every single day for the whole summer.  I don’t think either of us remembers quite why we did that, other than we were just kids.  And there were the hours we would spend riding our dirt bike around the pasture with me begging her to sing either Olivia Newton John’s Let me be There or Da do Ron Ron by Shaun Cassidy (at the time I had no idea anyone else had recorded the song before him).  To this day I can’t hear either of those songs without thinking of my sister’s lovely voice and her rolling her eyes at me and saying “Again?” when I’d ask her to sing for me one more song.  I smile when I think of summer days in the sun spent in the shallow river our grandparents live near.  We would spend hours in the water swimming, splashing each other, laughing a lot.  Cindra taught me to dive on the deeper far side of the river.  And the two of us would laugh about being embarrassed to be seen in grandma and grandpa’s old Pinto station wagon when it was all we had to get around in.  To this day I can’t smell a wet dog without thinking of camping out at the end of the pasture in Cindra’s tent and our dog, Tippy, coming in the tent soaking wet and stinky… but we’d let him stay and dry off and sleep with us.  And I’d almost forgotten until we were talking the other day about playing King of the Jungle on top of this cement disk, I think it was the cover to the water well.  We’d play that for hours.  And she would always win!  And I’d call her Cinbad the Lion.  Lion being the king of the jungle and she’s a Leo, so it all fit.  These are silly little things that are just a few of our many, many shared experiences that only she and I completely understand.  My childhood wasn’t perfect (eh, who’s is?) but there are many parts of it I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.  And the shared happy memories with my sister are one of those parts.  She’s my sister, my friend, my hero, my inspiration.  I love you, sis.