Today I made a concession to getting older.  Notice I didn’t say old, I said older.  I will turn 39 in two days and refuse to believe that is old by any means.  But I will admit it’s older and I won’t ever be 18… or even 21… again.  Not that I would want to be, of course.  I didn’t know half the things I do now then.  I am much more comfortable in my own skin now.  When I turned 30 mom told me I would love my 30s, they would be a time of getting to really know who I am and liking that person.  And she was absolutely right.  Now as 40 quickly approaches, I hope she has some sage words of wisdom for me about that decade of my life.  I’m not looking forward to turning 40 next year.  I don’t feel anywhere near 40.  Not that I know what it’s supposed to feel like, but I’m not there yet. 

But I digress…. back to the concession to getting older that I made today.  That’s what I started to tell you all about about.  (No, that’s not early onset senility, it’s just my adult ADD kicking in.)  For the past week I’ve noticed that the text on my computer screen is a bit fuzzy if I’m at my computer for too long.  And I’ve noticed I have to lean closer to the screen to focus on it.  Several years ago at my last eye exam the optometrist recommended I wear reading glasses.  (Not a surprise, as my mom, brother, and sister all need either glasses or contacts to correct their vision.)  I haven’t worn them… partly out of vanity and partly because I just never took the time to try them out and get used to them.  So today I broke down and bought some reading glasses.  I actually have them on as I type this and the difference is great.  Ok, so they are driving me nuts but that’s just because I’m not used to them.  I suppose it’s time to admit they are helpful and just bite the bullet and get used to them.  ::: sigh :::