One of the things I really liked about the apartment building I live in when I first moved here was the walking trail along the perimeter of the property.  It’s slightly wooded and very natural.  With the coming of lovely spring weather, I’ve been walking on this path regularly for about the past month or so.  And every day there seems to be some new type of animal to see.  The very first day I walked the trail I saw two of the darling wild rabbits that live there.  Then a few days later I almost tripped over a dead mouse laying in the middle of the trail.  About a week after that I almost tripped over a dead snake about 2 feet long.  And yes, it really was a snake… not a stick.  Then yesterday I saw a really cute baby rabbit hopping awkwardly along the side of the walking trail.  He was maybe about half as big as the adults I’ve seen, so I have no idea just how old he is.  But he’s young enough that his hopping is still pretyt awkward.  And adorable!  Now I can’t wait to see what shows up on the trail next!