This is one of the wild rabbits that lives along the walking trail I walk on regularly.  He was nice enough to pose for me for just a minute. 


Anyway, on to the real reason for this post.  I’ve often said I am very much my mother’s daughter and yesterday I got just another example of how true that is.  Demon cat has a bad habit of chewing through cords and wires.  He’d chewed through my cell phone charger, so yesterday while I was out running errands I bought a new cell phone charger.  Not 15 minutes after I had taken it out of the packaging and plugged the phone into it, I looked over and saw that Demon cat had already chewed through it!  Being my mother’s daughter, and having her independent streak and resourcefulness, I immediately went to repairing it.  I spliced the wires together, wrapped them with electrical tape, and then wrapped the whole cord with some heavy black plastic tubing he can’t chew through.  I was just annoyed that he’d ruined it so quickly and didn’t want to throw it away when I had just bought it that day.  Oh, and as an aside, I should say I am also my father’s daughter since he’s the one who taught me to use the tools in his shop.  Thanks mom, and dad, too.