I found an interesting benefit to being a nurse about a month ago.  I was at work and about ready to end my shift that morning.  I was planning on calling my doctor’s office later that afternoon to discuss the results of a radiology test he’d ordered for me.   I had seen the results myself but needed to call him to discuss the next best step regarding those results.  But he happened to show up on the floor where I was working to see a patient of his, doing his rounds before office hours.  So as he was sitting at the desk perusing this patient’s chart, I asked if I could speak with him for a moment when he was finished.  He looked up and saw who it was and said “Oh, hey Brooke.  Sure, sit down, I have time.” 

So we talked.  He pulled up the radiology test results in the computer and we went over them together and discussed some options and agreed on his final recommendation.  The talk took less than 10 minutes and saved me a phone call to his office and the time to wait for a return call and he said it saved him the time of getting the message and returning my call so he was pleased, as well.  I also didn’t have to go to his office to see the test results or discuss them.  It saved both of us a phone call and time and money, so it really did work out well.