There is a news story going on currently here where I live (within about 15 miles of my home) that some, or most, of you may have heard of.  A man by the name of Bobby Cutts has been arrested for making dead two people.  One of those people is a woman named Jessie Davis.  The other is his and Jessie’s unborn daughter, the baby Jessie was due to deliver any day and planned to name Chloe.  Mr. Cutts  either physically lead police to or told them where to find Jessie’s grave.  Many reports at this point are unconfirmed and not completely clear.  But he’s looking very, very guilty.  There are even some reports that he has confessed to making these two people dead.

Mr. Cutts is a local police officer.  He is supposed to be protecting the people of the community he serves from bad guys.  But come to find out, he is a bad guy.  A really, really bad guy.  There was no one to protect Jessie from him.  And there was no one to protect her unborn baby girl.  The poor baby never had a chance to… well, just never had a chance at all. 

What kind of sick man could have so little regard for human life?  What kind of man could cause the deaths of both this woman he presumably once cared about and his unborn daughter?  Then after doing that he stood by silently while thousands of family, friends, and strangers searched for Jessie for nine days.  This man held a job where he was responsible for protecting us from people like him.  That scares me.  It’s scary that human life could hold so little value to him.  How in his twisted sick mind did he ever think that what he did was acceptable?  I simply can’t fathom that.  And I’m not sure I want to. 

My heart goes out to Jessie’s family.  I can’t imagine the grief her mother and sisters must be feeling right now.  My thoughts are with Jessie’s friends and loved ones.  But most of all my prayers are with her sad and confused two year old son who misses the mother he will now be without for the rest of his life.