I noticed it’s been a while since I’ve posted an entry here and was wondering what I could talk about.  My personal life isn’t all that interesting or exciting at the moment.  I’m not very politically active.  So I guess that leaves work.

Work is actually the one area of my life where I always feel competent and confident if the rest of my life feels out of control and chaotic.  I can feel in control as I’m going about my shift taking care of patients and doing things for them I have done a thousand times before.  I’m doing things I know I know how to do … and for the most part, do well. 

I really like my job, too.  One night recently I had a shift to rival no other.  It was crazy-busy.  No major problems, just a lot of small things all night long.  There were 5 of us working that night and we got off work at 7:30 am.  Not one of us left before 8 am because we all had so much left to do after the shift was over and we reported off to the day shift staff.  Even in the middle of that busy, hectic, crazy  night I couldn’t imagine any other career I would want.  I’m in the exact career I’m supposed to be in.  Even after nine years I am more sure of that than ever. 

After that insanely busy night I was lucky enough to have two pretty calm shifts in a row with a great group of patients both nights.  One of my patients one of those nights was a retired paramedic/firefighter.  He was telling me some wonderful stories of things he’d seen and done during his career.  Things most people wouldn’t really want to hear about … but I was loving the stories.   And he was enjoying sharing them.  It was really nice to have time to just talk with my patients and learn more about them personally as opposed to just their body parts.