A Chicago news reporter was recently fired from her job for a rather interesting reason that she deems a “lapse in judgment” on her part.  Amy Jacobson was seen in her bikini and a towel at the home of Craig Stebic.  Now, Mr. Stebic’s estranged wife, Lisa, has been missing since April 30.  The couple were in the process of divorcing but still living in the shared marital home when she disappeared.  Amy Jacobson was investigating Mrs. Stebic’s disappearance, in which Mr. Stebic is a “person of interest.”  So what exactly was Amy Jacobson doing at Craig Stebic’s home in his swimming pool?  Well, apparently her story is she was there getting information on the story and had been invited there by Mr. Stebic’s sister.  She had her two toddler aged children with her and was taking them to a club to swim anyway, so instead they swam in Mr. Stebic’s pool.  Uh huh.  Ok.  And this is merely a “lapse in judgment,” as Ms. Jacobson has called it?  More like unethical and crossing a line.  But more on that in a moment. 

Neighbors of the Stebic home have been reported as saying that Ms. Jacobson had been frequently seen at the Stebic home in the weeks she had been investigating the story.   Now, sure, there are legitimate reasons for her to be there to interview Mr. Stebic and other family members.  But frequently?  And to bring her two toddler aged children along?  And in a bathing suit in the pool?  Uh huh, real professional behavior.  And I’m no mother myself, but would most mothers purposely expose their children to time spent with a person the police are looking at as a possible murderer?  I would hope not. 

As it turns out, a reporter from a rival news station got video footage of Ms. Jacobson’s pool romp at the Stebic home.  Ms. Jacobson was subsequently fired from her job.  She claims she simply had a “lapse in judgment” and feels she did nothing to warrant her now being unemployed.  While I’m sure there are people who agree with her, I am not one of them.  I think she crossed a line and acted unprofessionally and unethically.