I got my copy of the new Harry Potter book today!  I had preordered it from Amazon.com a few weeks ago and it arrived as promised this morning.  The box had printed on it “Attention muggles, do not open until July 21.”  For those of you who don’t know, a muggle is a non-magic person in Harry-Potter-land.  I have no will power, so I admit I did indeed turn to final chapter the minute I opened the book.  And I only glanced at one page but I did see two names of characters who are still alive at the end of the saga.  Luckily neither of them was Harry, so I still do not know whether he lives or dies.  I was glad I didn’t ruin that for myself.  The book wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to read if I knew that ahead of time.  I am so anxious to get started reading it!  I have to work 12 hour shifts tonight and tomorrow night but Monday my plans are to sleep a bit after work then hole up in my living room with my book and not turn on the tv or computer til it’s done.