I was at a Sprawl-mart type store today (which store isn’t important to the story) and there was a Subway shop inside the store, as well as small portrait studio.  As I was in line at Subway the woman ringing my order up and another employee were talking.  Since the conversation was right in front of me I couldn’t help but overhear.  And being my mother’s daughter, I couldn’t help but talk to these strangers. 

The story that unfolded still has me shaking my head in disbelief.  Apparently one of the employees has an adult daughter who is the mother of a toddler.  Adult daughter had taken her toddler to the portrait studio there in the store for some portraits and went back yesterday to look at proofs and order prints.  When she got to the store at the time it was supposed to open she waited 35 minutes for an employee to show up and then the employee was very rude to her.  The employee said to her “I’m the manager and I shouldn’t have to come open the fucking store because someone locked their keys in their car.”  This is just such an example of horrendous customer service I don’t even know where to start.

First of all, to use the word fucking when speaking to a customer is just so incredibly inappropriate and unprofessional.  I can’t imagine one single place of business where speaking to customers that way would fly.  And secondly, as the manager, oh yes I certainly think she does have to come open the store when another employee is unable to.  Isn’t dealing with problems that arise like that a big part of a manager’s job description?

The Subway employee who’s daughter had been treated so rudely was going to go over to the portrait studio and speak with the manager and was planning on reporting her behavior to her immediate supervisor.  She was nervous about doing it, not wanting any trouble, but knew behavior like that should not go unchecked.