I’ve been off work for a week… you would think I’d have had time to write a blog entry before this.  I can’t really tell you what I’ve been doing with my time other than wasting it and relaxing and healing from my surgery.

Surgery was last Friday and went great.  I woke up from anasthesia wide awake and feeling good.  Pain was bad the first night but not bad at all since.  Post-operative appointment with the surgeon was Monday morning and he said it’s healing well.  He also told me the bone spur was worse than the x-rays showed and had actually broken through skin.

When he got the dressing off my foot I looked at my toe and said “Ew, it’s ugly.”  He chuckled and said “No, it’s beautiful, it’s healing great.”  We obviously were meaning different things by ugly and beautiful.   

Today I got to take the dressing off and put just a band aid over the incision.  The pain has been just very minor and it was feeling good to walk on it normally today without a bulky dressing.  Well, it was feeling good until about an hour ago when I stubbed my toe against my desk and said bad words my mom still yells at me for saying.  (Sorry, mom, but it really hurt.)  Bottom line is it’s healing well, I’m doing well, and ready to get back to work tomorrow night.

And in other news. I adopted another cat.  That’s two now.  She’s an 11 month old white and light gray beautiful girl named Tinkerbell.  She’s a very scared thing right now.  She was a stray and then has been in two foster homes over the past month so this is her third home in a month.  She’s spent the past day and a half since I brought her home hiding under my bed for the most part.  She comes out to her litter box and goes right  back under there.  I have her food and water sitting right under the edge of the bed.  She will stretch her legs out until her paw is just about an inch from my hand and meow at me but isn’t really wanting me to touch her much yet.  And as much as she’s been through lately, I’m not pushing the issue.  She doesn’t run away from me and isn’t aggressive towards me, so I figure she’ll warm up to me eventually.  My other cat, the one I refer to as Demon, has hissed at her just a few times and I’m keeping him away from her until she gets more comfortable here.  He will just have to learn to live with her.  And I think that is about all the news here… Hope you’re all well.