I know we live in a violent world and voilent things happen … even close to home.  But lately there have been some very sad, very violent things happening too close to home for comfort at work.

About a month ago a 22 year old girl was brought into the ER after a being shot.  She died very soon after arriving there.  Her injuries were so severe there wasn’t much the ER staff could do.  They did try very hard, though, to save her life.  And afterwards her family got violent with ER staff and began assaulting them.  A nurse was hit with a lamp, the family members were picking up other pieces of furniture and throwing them, and the family waiting room in the ER was trashed when the ruckus ended.  The entire ER was locked down for almost two hours.

Last night I arrived at work to be told to hurry to get report on my team of patients because the nurse I was following had been hit by a patient and needed to be seen in the ER.  Well, when I saw the nurse I saw right away it wasn’t just a slap she’d received.  The entire left right side of her face was red and swollen and painful.  One of the orthopedic doctors in town was on the floor seeing a patient and told her he thought her cheek bone may be fractured.  The patient delivered quite a punch.  The nurse went downstairs to the ER and I haven’t heard any more yet about how she is doing.

And then last night later in the shift I heard that one of the staff members of the hospital who I work with once in a while and think is just a really sweet woman was shot in the head by her 19 year old son a few days ago.  At this point it’s unclear if she will survive.  She is being kept chemically sedated and on a ventilator and was going to surgery today to have one of her eyes removed that the doctors weren’t able to save.  I don’t know the details of the shooting, but the story is that it was intentional.  Just a sad, sad situation.