Today was both a good day and a bad day.

In the good news department, I got a $1/hr raise in pay that was on my paycheck today.  Not a huge raise, but nothing to sneeze at, either, certainly.  I’m thankful for any increase.

Now in the bad news department, I got an e mail from Dell that was frustrating.  I had ordered a new laptop on August 2.  It had an estimated ship date of August 31.  Four weeks.  But it’s pink and has a lot more memory and bigger hard drive than the one I have now, so it was worth waiting for.  Now it turns out that there is a delay and the new estimate date they will ship it to me is September 27, four more weeks.  There was a link in the mail to an official Dell blog explaining the delay.  Apparently when they started offering colored laptops they did test runs of different paint jobs.  The test runs went fine so they started mass producing them.  Well, when they started producing them in larger volumes they came across some problems with the paint jobs and dust showing up and things not meeting their quality checks.  And there’s also some problem with the new type of LCD displays they’re using.   So they have quite a backlog, apparently, that they’re working to catch up on as they resolve these issues.  I know I could just cancel the order and let it be and quit complaining.  But it’s exactly the laptop I want so I don’t really want to do that.  So instead I’ll wait as patiently as I can (which isn’t all that patiently at all).