It’s been a while since I’ve written a post.  Just been busy the past few days getting my house and life organized and in order.  Nothing wrong, happy with my life, just felt very disorganized.

So yesterday on the phone mom told me to post something… anything… Go take pictures of something near me and post them.  So I went through the pictures on my memory card and found some I’d taken at a local park about a month ago.  It’s a very nice park, and large… nice big pond to walk around.  So here are two pictures of the park. 



I have taken some recent pictures of my new cat, Tinkerbell.  She is a stray and I adopted her from a local cat rescue organization.  She is very skittish and shy but coming out of her shell nicely.  She will lay on the couch once in a while and let me pet her just for a few minutes.  And twice in the past two days she has walked up to me and put her paws on my leg and meowed at me for attention.  Before that she had never initiated contact with me.  So I’m happy that she’s doing well.  Here are two pictures of her.