Tonight I went walking on the walking path for 30 minutes.  That’s the second night in a row and it felt great.  I had to quit walking about six weeks ago just before the surgery on my toe because it was just too painful.  But now that the surgery is over and healed well I got back to it.  I plan to make it back to the 45 minutes to an hour that I was walking each day, four times a week.  I want it to become a habit again. 

As I was walking tonight I had my iPod with me, as usual.  In a space of 25 minutes I heard Patsy Cline, The Stray Cats, Phil Collins, My Chemical Romance, and Ozzy Osbourne.  I chuckled to myself about the diverse range and my eclectic musical tastes.  I realized I’ve always like a wide range of music.  In high school my not-so-well-hidden secret was that I like country music and would listen to Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast by Glen Campbell to fall asleep.  I joke sometimes that like the old Barbara Mandrell song goes, I was country when country wasn’t cool.  But that’s what I mostly grew up listening to.  Publicly I proclaimed my love for Motley Crue and my desire to marry the lead singer, Vince Neil, and bear his children.  That was much cooler at the time than liking country music.

I mentioned I mostly grew up listening to country music.  And that is what mom usually had on the radio.  But she also sang Puff the Magic Dragon to us as a lullabye and likes Billy Joel and would listen to The Cars with my sister and I.  So obviously I learned my varied musical tastes in part from my mom.  Yet another way I am indeed her daughter… as if there were ever any doubt. 

My sister is partly the cause of my eclectic musical tastes, as well.  She frequently mentions new musical artists to me to encourage me to listen to them.  And as teenagers she would often buy me albums of new artists she wanted me hear for birthday and Christmas presents. 

Lately my musical tastes have gotten even more eclectic as I’ve been listening to an online radio station at and being exposed to even more genres of music and more bands I may not have thought to listen to.  I have always wanted to think of myself as well rounded, and this is really fun for me to hear a new song I may not have thought to give a chance before and think “Hey, I really like that song.”   

So thanks to everyone who has played a role in developing my varied musical tastes.  I appreciate it!