Life definitely threw a lemon at me last night.  I was in my car when suddenly it made some horrible, awful noises.  Clanking, really bad noises.  It’s only 7 years old and never had any major problems at all before and gave no warnings that the engine was about to die a horrible death.  To make a long story short, the engine threw a fuel injector through the oil pan and the engine is ruined.  It is barely repairable, could be repaired, but it would cost about the same amount of money to just replace the engine.  So after deliberating about it, that is my plan.  Well, my more immediate plan is to save the money to pay for the new engine and it’s installation as quickly as I can.   Then to have the engine replaced and have my car back.

Until then, I will be using public transportation.  Something I haven’t done in several years.  But it’s my only feasible option at this point.  And as my sister pointed out, it’s environmentally friendly.  And if I keep a positive outlook about this, I can think of it as some forced down time to get lost in my thoughts and relax.  It’s not the end of the world.  I am safe, I still have a job and a way to get there and a roof over my head.  My basic needs are still being met.  So my mode of transportation to work may not be my first choice, but it is a way to make it there.  The bus stop I will be using to catch the bus to work is about eight blocks away.  Not bad at all.  The whole situation could be much worse.  I keep trying to hold on to that thought to get through the stress and disappointment. 

I had to have the car towed 50 miles home.  That was expensive.  And I was really kicking myself for having let my AAA membership lapse this past spring.  But I made it home safely… and that’s what’s really important, right?