When I first woke up this afternoon and started planning this blog entry it was going to be one full of anger and frustration.  But a knock on my door this evening changed it to a story about the kindness of strangers.

I’ve come up with the money to have a new engine put in my car.  The shop that’s doing the work has had the car for just over 2 weeks now.  Every day since last Friday I’ve thought and been told “This is the day you get your car back.”  And every day it’s been one delay after another.  Yes, I know this is to be expected but it’s frustrating.  What’s making me angry is not only the delays but the shop’s lack of communication in keeping me up to date about the delays.  Every bit of information I’ve gotten from them has come only after I call them… they have not made any effort to call me to keep me informed.  The whole nightmare is just frustrating and I’m stressed over it. 

But a knock on my door this evening really changed my mood.  I have a neighbor across the hall, a very nice woman who moved in about four months ago.  She knocked on my door and did the most wonderfully kind thing!  She knows my car has been broken down because she’s not seen it in my assigned parking spot and had asked me about the rental car I had one day.  So she knocked on my door to tell me she recently bought a new car and will have her old car for another two weeks.  She offered me the use of it until then and gave me the key to it!  This woman barely knows me and had no reason to do this for me.  She is doing it simply to be kind.  I will really really hopefully have my car back any day now so won’t need to borrow hers for long, but having the use of it is just so helpful.  I am so very thankful for her offer!  I told her that, of course.  And I plan to buy her a nice plant arrangement or fruit basket or gift certificate somewhere to thank her for her kindness.  It is just so nice to know there are such kind people in the world!