Just one more post about the car nightmare… This is just too crazy to be believed.

So, the car was towed to the shop two and a half weeks ago.  Six days after it was towed, I called to ask if they’d found a replacement engine yet.  Well, yes, just that day and it should be delivered the next day.  It ended up not being delivered until 2 or 3 days late.  A week after I was told it should be there the next day I was told they were just now taking the old engine out.  They got the old engine out, got the new one in, and it wouldn’t start… no spark.  After hours and hours of diagnostic tests they determined that the computer in the car that sends signals to the sensors on the engine was dead.  So they got a new computer and got it in.  The car started and ran… but… the used engine they’d bought that was supposed to be in great shape blew up!  It began to knock as soon as they started the car up and when they took it for a test drive the engine was smoking and blew up when they got back to the shop from the test drive.  So, they called the company they bought the engine from (it was under warranty, thank goodness) and already have another one delivered.  So now they have to install it and hope all goes smoothly with it.  But with all the delays and problems there have been so far, I’m really not counting on that!  I just can not believe the amount of bad luck I’ve encountered with this situation!