At 5:50 pm I left the shop with my car all fixed, engine replaced.  About 50 ft out of the parking lot the check engine light came on.  Of course I immediately turned back into the shop parking lot and went inside.  The manager  himself brought some probe tester thingy out and after he did his thing said something to the effect that it’s just one of the sensors needing replaced and it’s still driveable (at that point it was running great, smoothly, and sounded great.)  He told me to bring it back in the morning and they’d change it while I waited, not a big repair.  So I went on my merry way and got on the freeway to make a circle to test drive it before I went home and changed clothes to get to work by 7 pm. 

Well… 5 miles from the shop, at the entrance to the hospital where I work, the car died!  And it wouldn’t restart.  It was like the little engine that thought it could and it tried and tried to restart, but just couldn’t.  So there I’m stuck in the entrance to the hospital blocking traffic.  One of our nice security guards came and helped me push it out of the way and I called the shop. 

The manager told me that it was probably the sensor being a bigger problem then he’d expected and in the morning he would get started figuring out which sensor it was, exactly, and get it fixed.  He gave me the phone number to the towing company they use and instructions to have the driver tow it back to the shop.  So I call and make arrangements to do that.  By this time it’s about 6:15 pm and I have no scrubs with me and no name badge and I need to wait for the tow truck driver.  So I run to the nursing supervisor’s office and explain the dilemma.  She very nicely tells me to breathe, relax, get the car towed and get home and change clothes and come back and work the last 8 hours of the shift at 11 pm. 

So the car got towed, I got home, and still have my neighbor’s car to drive.  I’m breathing deeply for a few minutes while I prepare to go to work and focus on being there.  I’m also wondering just what I may have done to deserve this hell I’m living through right now.  I just want this nightmare to be over!