Yes, I have my car back!  Finally.  The cause of it ceasing to run only five miles from the shop the last time I picked it up was, again, the fault of the supplier who sold the shop some faulty parts.  So the shop spent the next few days after that getting it repaired for me and I’ve had it back a day and a half and it’s running great!  In fact, I trust it enough that when I left to run a few quick errands earlier today I forgot my cell phone upstairs in the apartment and when I realized that I didn’t bother going back upstairs to grab it. 

It’s so nice to have my car back!  I just love the freedom that comes from knowing I can pick up my car keys and leave my house to go where ever I wish, when ever I wish. 

Thank you to all of you who have listened to me whine and stress over this nightmare of a car problem.  My stress level has dropped considerably.