So, I recently made the conscious decision to revamp my spending habits and basically make a new philosophy when it comes to spending money.  If I don’t absolutely need it, I don’t buy it.  And I gave some thought to other ways to cut costs.   One of those ways to check out two different “bargain” grocery stores near my house that advertise their very low prices.  Well,  that ended up really not saving me any money in the long run at all. 

The first store I went to charged you a quarter just to unlock a grocery cart to use while shopping.  Then they had a really poor selection of products.  And then they charged you 5 cents a bag to put your groceries in. 

The second store did let you use a cart for free and had a slightly better selection, but still pretty poor.  By the time I looked over each store and still couldn’t find a few items on my list and had to drive to a “regular” grocery store I realized that by the time I spent the time and gas searching for all the items on my shopping list, I hadn’t really saved any money at all.  I suppose it was worth a try.