With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I thought I would list one thing I’m thankful for for each year I’ve been alive… That means 39 things… so here goes.  (These are in no particular order)

I am thankful for…

1.  My wonderful, loving, and wee bit strange family
2.  My wonderful, loving, and wee bit strange friends
3.  My phone (It keeps me connected to those family and friends)
4.  E mail  (It also keeps me connected to those family and friends)
5.  My job/career
6.  My health
7.  The role of God in my life
8.  My pets
9.  My ability to see that things may not be what I’d like them to be, but they *will* improve
10.  The kindness of strangers
11.  The fact I can keep a roof over my head and food in my refrigerator when some people can’t
12.  The fact I have decent health insurance when some people don’t
13.  The fact I can cook well
14.  The fact I have great supervisors at work
15.  The fact I have skills I can use to help others both at work and on medical missions
16.  My intelligence
17.  Sunshine
18.  Rain… we need it for rainbows
19.  The zoo… I love to watch the animals
20.  Flowers
21.  My great apartment that I really like
22.  The fact I got my car back more quickly than I first expected to when it broke down
23.  Pictures of my friends and family to remind me of good times
24.  My amazing, strong, funny mother
25.  My amazing, strong, funny sister
26.  My amazing, strong, funny aunts
27.  My sense of humor
28.  My strong work ethic I learned as a child
29.  The fact my parents taught me strong values and a good sense of right and wrong
30.  The fact I’ve never done anything I’m *truly* ashamed of
31.  My love of music
32.  My love of reading
33.  My photography skills, as weak as they may be
34.  The wonderful pure glycerin soaps I discovered a few months ago
35.  Chocolate
36.  The great staff I work with at work
37.  My amazing, funny, wonderful nieces and nephews
38.  The beach… it’s calming and soothing to me
39.  My patients at work over the years who have taught me what really matters, and what doesn’t

A Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and yours!