Some things are just too unbelievable to have been fabricated.  I came across this news story recently and was flabbergasted.

In a nutshell, a 13 year old girl “met” a boy online who supposedly lived nearby and they began to correspond and struck up a cyber-relationship.  According to her parents, her online activities were well monitored by them and they took precautions to protect their daughter from the dangers of meeting people online.  After a period of time, the young man ended the cyber-relationship with the girl and apparently made some very nasty comments about her to others.  This hurt her deeply and she committed suicide.  This part of the story is very tragic and my heart truly goes out to her parents.  But what makes the story so unbelievable and wild is that the boy was never real… he was fictitious.  He was made up by the mother of a former friend of the girl who died.  The mother said that she was only trying to find out what this young lady was saying online about her own daughter.  My reaction to reading that was “What?!?!” 

This mother, an adult, should have known better than to play those kinds of games with a 13 year old child!  She should have known better than to play with this girls emotions this way.  SHE is the adult… SHE had the responsibility to act like one and she failed miserably at that.  And she says she doesn’t feel guilty.  In the article the girl’s father is quoted as saying “They sent us a letter in the mail, basically saying that they might feel a little bit of responsibility, but they don’t feel no guilt or remorse or anything for what they did.”  I find that absolutely unfathomable. 

The girl’s parents are discussing with local authorities just what laws the woman broke and just what she can be charged with.  It’s been difficult to sort out since unfortunately stupidity and irresponsibility aren’t illegal.